11 sierpnia 2015

★Sociopath and rat★

You're not supposed to run. Not now. - Said girl while picking up white rat. After a while, she pick up lighter, and light it up with right hand. Fire in front of little furry face terrified the animal.
Oh, are you scared? Are you begging me not to do this? No? Well, trying to escape is the best option right now. Begging will give you nothing, becouse you know I'm a bitch. Am I? Well, I'm trying to kill you witch this lighter so probably you're right.

Man after big glass window, a little higher then the room, stand up and said to the other one: "We have to stop her" but he answered to wait.

What if I give you a chance? If you don't bite me, I will not kill you. - she said while moving lighter closer. Rat paniced, start moving again, and finally bite her hand.
Man after a window stand up again, and the other one grab his hand. "Not yet. Just wait."

Girl laughed but didn't drop little animal on the floor. Instead of it, she started talking again.

I said I will kill you if you do this, wasn't I clear? Eh...you have to pay for this. Eye for eye, right? Oh, don't be scared. I will not kill you. I'll give you a big scar, so you will never forget me. You're psychic is going to fall apart, you will not trust human anymore. And then, when you finally break youre fear, I'll show up again, remaind you for all this pain. And then I will give you another chance. I wonder, if you bite me then... - she ended and fire up the white fur on it's back. She smiled a little, but in her eyes were interest, not crazyness or sick hapiness. She wanted him to suffer, not to get killed, so she stopped after a long while. Exackly in this moment, doctor opened the door and run to girl. She looked stoned, so she give animal back without a word. He said to her that it was bad, and she shouldn't even think about things like that. But she didn't look ashamed. She just walk away, with serious face.


Przepraszam za wszelkie błędy jeśli takowe się pojawiły, ale pisałam to w środku nocy w notatkach na telefonie xD