24 września 2017

♫♪♫ Devils deal (+18)

Devil whispers in her ear... you are gorgeous my dear deer.

Licks her heart like sweetest pie... you're so fragile, child'o mine.

Takes her hand and gently caress... pull her hair and make a mess.

Hard you make the dick o'mine... can't obey your filthy mind.

I know what goes on inside... stop your game, stop stupid lie.

As his finger rapes her hole... she sighs loudly, wants some more.

She shivers on the outside... pull me closer, have a nice slide.

Devil didn't wait any longer... and he quickly grabbed her shoulders.

Put his giant cock in her... bruising, raiping till the end.

Fucked her hard and didn't stop... even when she screamed "enough!"

Satanic seeds was all around her body... sticky black and so erotic.

This time you will not get pregnant... yet every year you'll give me one lamb.

Very young and virgin pure... doesn't matter, boy or girl.

I will come to give you orgasm...every time you give me organs.

Trust me, demons screwing is addicting... wish you luck, be good at picking.